Random Thoughts

~~Piercing eyes peering out at the world. I choose to inhale its beauty, and to create more of it- for it’s within my reach to make my journey beautiful and sweet. I’m forever renewed… a leap of faith splashing upon my face from the inner being of hope that dwells, un-removable, always abounding- like a tree planted by the waters.

~~Sun, Wind, Rain and Snow are all beautiful in their own way.  Each day given is God’s will to say- your life’s journey, walk it as you may…..but as you sojourn- don’t forget to pray.

Finding Strength

( Dedicated to a dear friend, family, and all who are survivors of cancer )

A beautiful bud that has blossomed, yielding soft petals reaching towards the morning sun. Nourish me with the rain and shelter me with your hovering hand. Lovely and quite sustainable are the gifts of life, flourishing unto my being. Strength takes hold of me enabling me to grow within the paths not lined with all tenderness; and yet to continue is but a leap of faith and hope that’s planted within. Forever, a beautiful bud has blossomed, like the earth filled with its earthly treasures, enduring, and forever overcoming with grace and mercy, having all things to work out for my good.

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