When creating this blog, my first question to myself was, why would anyone want to get to know me? My mind was quite blank on that one… however, another question became more valid as a thought popped in my head, saying, “Maybe some people would care to know you, and some would not; but your heart- who wouldn’t want to get to know the heart of someone? Therefore, Expressions Of Me, was born.

Here- I write things that come from my deepest thoughts, along with the bitter-sweet memories that dawdle across my mind. This blog is more about a side of me I don’t show too often. Most people who have gotten to know me, know that I love to write. But I also love to craft, make my own hair and skincare products, make people laugh- and the list goes on and on….

Here- I let my hair down. Other than gospel music, I like that song- Keep Your Head Up. No one knew that but my kids: It makes me smile. Well, I’m not going to say much about me, because when you stop by Expressions Of Me, it will tell you all you need to know just by reading my posts, looking at my pictures, and listening to the things that are from my heart.

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