To All Dreamers Of Beautiful Things:

Butterfly Dreams

Come land upon my shoulder; delight me with your beauty. Your wings fluttering like the teasing of my heart when love is in my grasp. Stay near that I may indulge of your playfulness, fascinated, captured by your true exquisiteness. Hundreds in flight as a colorful whirlwind of mystical dust….

Fly within the gardens and fly within the open space; you carry my dreams from place to place as I follow you unto the sun. The light upon my face vividly shares a smile that cannot be replaced; for it’s the happiness of seeing natural beauty- at its best. Dance about so blithely as laughter of a blissful soul….

Inspire me as I dream of being higher and higher, relieved of all heavy loads…I’m floating upon butterfly wings as they wisp within the air. Dreams, they can be lovely thoughts and smiles of hopeful wishes….

Close your eyes; imagine the monarch butterfly, then, wait on your heartfelt pleasures… I hope you have butterfly dreams, rather it be winter, spring, summer, or fall; amazing for the eyes to behold such beauty cast upon the inner being, lifting your spirit for a season of -Butterfly Dreams.

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